Rotary cam switchbox
Cross diverter
Brake motor
Pneumatic & hydraulic cylinder

Cheng Min Engine Co., Ltd., established in 1986 and sited at Yangmei Township in Taoyuan County, specializes in manufacturing variety of pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder. Since its founding, the Company has always been adhering to the belief of promptness & certitude, pursuit of excellence, sustainable service to continuously improve the production technology and inspection technology, heighten the wok efficiency and upgrade the production quality. The R&D engineers of Wei Hsiang ceaselessly dedicate their effort in developing the pneumatic-hydraulic cylinder with new performance and new model. Meanwhile, the overall technology support of Wei Hsiang is purposed to solve variety of technical problems in relation to pre-sales technology consultation, overall planning and after-sales service, etc. In order to service more customers by offering more products and service the Company decided and established a subsidiary company, Cheng Min Engine Co., Ltd., Ltd. in 2001 that bears a specific responsibility for producing the product other than the cylinders, consistently adheres to the same believes – to pursue the excellence for the sustainable service. In order to offer a faster service, Wei Hsiang has extended its service foothold to Shanghai in China in 2006.

1984 Established the Company
Production of small-size machine tools
1986 Registered the establishment of Wei Hsiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mass production of automatic elements and pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders
2001 Established the subsidiary company – Cheng Min Engine Co., Ltd., Ltd.
Production of brake motor
2006 Established the service foothold at Minhang District in Shanghai
Aggressively developed the Chinese market and serviced the Taiwanese enterprises
Production of cam switchbox and cross diverters
2008 Aggressively purchased the land at Songjiang District in Shanghai as planned to establish the subsidiary company in China.


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